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Wednesday, 07 April 2010

What started out as a hobby, turned out to be a full-fledged career in Talal Mahmood’s life. Talal was introduced by his cousin to the world of graphic designing at an early age of 16, and since then, he knew that his favorite pastime would turn out to be his life’s ambition.

As part of his final year project, he took up the task of rebranding the KG Kids Kindergarten. After pitching the idea to his mentor, Ms. Lillian and further meetings with the owner of KG Kids, Talal got the green signal to work out his project. Talal understood the vision & mission of the client and was able to completely transform the client’s previous corporate image. Using the knowledge gained in his university years, he re-created the KG Kids’ brand image altogether. If you were to step into the kindergarten, you can see Talal’s handiwork all over the place, from their application forms to billboards & advertisements to even the kids’ t-shirts and other promotional items; in short, he re-designed the whole corporate identity.

Talal claims that his selling point was his combination of professionalism and raw creativity with the firm assurance of delivering results. He said that he mostly used his class hours to complete his project, with full guidance from the Graphic design department. His hard work and persistence paid off as he is now working in the advertising and designing company, Unisono where he is the Junior Designer.

To all the aspiring Graphic design students of UCB, Talal advises, “Keep focused and don’t lose hope; if you think university is tough, then wait till you start working. Learn how to manage time as you will face deadlines during work life and they just come and go.” UCB is proud to see yet another one of its graduates make a mark in life and in society. UCB has proved itself in refining raw talent to something that is polished and valuable in the eyes of the corporate world. Our best wishes and prayers to Talal Mahmood and his career.