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Global Entrepreneurship Event In UCB

posted 24 Nov 2014, 19:27 by UCB Admin   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 19:27 ]
Enterprenurship Event

Saturday, 30 January 2010

University College of Bahrain (UCB) partnered with Young Arab Leaders (YAL) in hosting an event that was related to Global Entrepreneurship Week. UCB held a special lecture on 24th November at Janabiya Hall Auditorium. Three speakers- 1 in-house speaker and 2 visiting speakers were participated. The aim was to give an overview to students who have a desire to start their own business and the first steps needed to be taken to start a company.

The 3 speakers were:

1. Mike Lewicki- A Business Administration deparment lecturer who teaches a course on Entrepreneurship at UCB, spoke on Entrepreneurial FIT and elaborated on the need for the aspiring entrepreneur to figure out the right business to start. It depends on the person's background, his/her qualifications, that the new business should be able to give customer value, should get rid of some customer pain-point and should translate into good sales and income prospects.

2. Budoor- Budoor works in the Business Advisory Unit in Bahrain Development Bank. She spoke about the financing aspect of starting a new business. BDB provides a great opportunity to new entrepreneurs in offering various kinds of financing. This depends of course on the business plan of the entrepreneur which is thoroughly analysed by BDB, and the financing is given if the business proves itself worthwhile.

3. Dano Cherison- Dano is an entrepreneur. With a long work experience in the field of advertising and media, Dano started his own advertising company called Communion. He shared his experience in how he felt the need to begin in his own company and how his past knowledge in the advertising industry helped him. He also stressed the need to be part of a well-established company before one began a business, the need to have a passion for achieving one's dream and the need to establish and maintain honest business relationships with clients and other stakeholders of a company.

The idea behind this event was to introduce entrepreneurship to young people who might not have considered it as a career path.