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Red Bull Student Campaign

posted 24 Nov 2014, 20:54 by UCB Admin   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 20:55 ]

Wednesday, 03 October 2012

To raise awareness and motivation among students to race at the VIVA Karting track during the qualifying month, Red Bull Kart Fight Game was organized in UCB Campus on October 3rd 2012.Kart Fight is a world wide amateur Karting race, which takes place in 25 countries around the world. Each country will have one final winner, who will be travelling to Italy for the World Red Bull Kart Fight Championship.

A mini luxurious lounge with couches, TV screen, Red Bull cooler and tables were set up for the students. A karting car and a mini Cooper were also displayed to add colour for the event. The students were invited to play the online Kart Fight Game on iPhones or iPads which was already provided to them so as to get a taste of the event by trying to reach best lap times in the game. The winner/best lap time of the day in UCB was Maher Jamal. He won vouchers for the Viva Karting track to get the hands on experience of driving a kart and the golden opportunity to qualify for the Kart Fight event. Also the top 3 players from UCB won Free Tickets to Viva Kart Fight Game.

The Bahrain Qualifying race is scheduled from 28th September to 28th October and anyone can participate in the race at the Viva carting track by BIC. The best 40 lap times raced during the qualifying month will then perform at the Bahrain Final on 2nd November. The participants can try as many times/laps as they wish at the qualifying month.

The Bahrain National race is on November 2nd, where the competition will be among the 40 best performers for the “Bahrain Karting Representative” title.