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UCB Holds "Think Pink Day" Charity Event

posted 24 Nov 2014, 22:26 by UCB Admin   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 22:27 ]
Think Pink day
Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Think Pink Day in recognition of Breast Cancer awareness was held for the Students and staff of University College of Bahrain (UCB) on October 29, 2013. In the act of spreading breast cancer awareness among students and staff, various activities and sales bazars were organized at the campus from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The event was supported by the UCB Student Council, Student Affairs Department and the Staff of UCB. Students from the various departments of Communication & Multimedia, IT & Business Administration set up their own individual sales stalls to attract their classmates and friends to sell Cup Cakes, Cookies, Sweets and Training suits as part of fundraising. The collected fund will be eventually handed over to the Think Pink Bahrain, the Bahrain breast cancer society. This fundraising will continue throughout the month of October.

Apart from the participation of staff and students of UCB, external vendors from Haraka, Royal media, Le Boutique, The Baker and Sharbat Bahrain were also present at the event for selling different products such as fashion jewels, trendy bags and clothing thereby helping out with raising the fund. The event was a great success and we thank all the students, staff, faculty members, media and the external vendors who supported us hosting this. We really appreciate the initiative that our students put forward to engage in such a social welfare cause”, commented Sh. Ebrahim Al Khalifa, the Executive Director, Strategic Planning & innovation. The event was open to all the UCB students, Staff and Faculty members.