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UCB Organises LED Lights Workshop

posted 24 Nov 2014, 22:40 by UCB Admin   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 22:40 ]
LED Workshop
Tuesday, 10 December 2013

UCB in association with the U.S Embassy organized a special LED lights workshop for the Graphic Design students on December 9, 2013 at UCB campus. The U.S Embassy hosted two Associate Professors from the University of Denver, Mr. Chris Colemen and Ms. Laleh Mehran to conduct the workshop.

The workshop attempted to focus on the theme “Electronics for Artists’. Mr. Chris Coleman and Ms. Laleh Mehran briefed about the creative application of electronic technology relevant to media and fine arts involving both electronic principles and hands-on application. They also discussed about new trends in the filed such as light sculpting, W3FI, CNC machine and their advantage over conventional Graphic design techniques. The W3FI is a social movement, a philosophy, a path to responsible connectivity between our online/offline lives and to each other. The workshop emphasized on the fact that W3FI exists in real and digital spaces, educating and linking people online and offline.

“Wifi describes the invisible internet network that allows us all to connect to the global marketplace and idea space to W3FI so it’s a space that we’re all collectively existing in. It’s about how we exist together, and how we affect each other and how we shape each other’s lives in this new space”, commented Mr. Chris Coleman.

“The workshop took our students to further levels of Graphic Designing and showed us the latest creative trends in the field. The session proved to be very informative for our students”, commented Ms. Lillian Hallak, Graphic Design faculty, UCB.