MBA Research Forum

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The MBA Dept. conducted it’s re-occurring Research Forum virtually through Microsoft Teams on Nov. 5, 2020. The forum is mainly designed for MBA students to discuss students’ proposals and projects. In the current forum, the following students presented their research work which has been discussed among the students and the faculty members.  

Student Name 

Adviser Name 

Internal examiner 

Research Topic or Title 

Ms. Masooma Abdulla Shahi 

Dr.Manal Taqatqa 


Dr. Abdullah Hadrami

The Impact of Multiple Administrative Staff with Patient Databases on the Quality of the Health Service and Job Opportunities in Health Management Field in the Kingdom of Bahrain 

Mr. Yusuf Aldoy 

Dr. Nishad Navaz 


Dr. Muhammad Rizky 

HR Challenges in the realm of economic transformation in Bahrain under the vision 2030 

Mr. Ahmed A. Idrees 

Dr. Habeeb Ur Rahiman 

Dr. Manal Taqatqa  

Impact of emotional Intelligence on organizational commitment of pilot’s training MOI (PATS) 

Mr. Salman Abdulla  

Al Khalifa  

Dr. Habeeb Ur Rahiman 

Dr. Abdullah Hadrami

Achieving Business Excellence: An assessment of strategic human resource role in an organization 

Undergraduate Orientation

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An online orientation session was organized on the 24th of September 2020, welcoming new students to Fall Semester 2020-2021. The aim of the session was to provide an opportunity for new students to familiarize themselves with the Academic Head of Departments  and Administrative staff at UCB.

The students were welcomed by the Student Affairs Coordinator Ms. Hanna George, followed by brief presentations by the Head of Departments discussing the study plans and the Director of Admissions & Registration, Dr. Rana Sawaya explaining the policies and procedures at UCB. The students were also familiarized with useful programs like Microsoft Teams and Turnitin by faculty members Dr. Manal Taqata and Dr. Muhammad Rizky to ensure a smooth transition to the online classroom environment. Social, cultural  and community engagement events were elaborated to showcase student life at UCB. 

MBA Orientation

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UCB organised an online orientation session for its new MBA students on the 17th of September 2020 through Microsoft Teams. The students were welcomed by the Director of the MBA program Dr. Abdulla Hadrami, briefly introducing the faculty and administrative staff of the MBA department and discussing the program study plan, followed by the Director of Admissions & Registration Dr. Rana Sawaya explaining on the policies and procedures, and culture at UCB. Brief presentations were made by faculty members, Dr. Manal Taqata and Dr. Muhammad Rizky to introduce programs like Microsoft Teams and Turnitin used for online classes and assignment submissions. 

Guest Lecture: Artificial Intelligence- Concepts, Techniques and Industry Applications

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The IT Department at UCB hosted Mr. Rajib Bhattacharya, Technical Consultant – Analytics | Big Data | AI | IoT, Gulf Business Machines, Bahrain, to share his experience on “Artificial Intelligence – Concepts, Techniques and Industry Applications”. The event was organised by Head of IT Department Dr. Nandita Sengupta, on 18th February 2020 at UCB campus.

During the lecture Mr. Bhattacharya explained Enterprise AI and how it is being used in different industries elaborating IBM’s AI Platform (Watson) and why BSc IT students should know about it. He described different AI Services (e.g., Conversation, Discovery, Visual Recognition, Natural Language Classifier, Natural Language Understanding, Tone Analyzer etc.).

His session also included a detailed discussion on emerging technologies of IT like Automatic Object Detection and Visual Recognition using deep learning techniques and PowerAI Vision, covering details regarding IBM Data Science Platform - Watson Studio.


Ms. Shemily P. John, lecturer - General Studies Unit at the University College of Bahrain authored the book “Soliloquy”

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Ms. Shemily is an English lecturer by profession and Soliloquy is her first book, a collection of poems, mostly exploring human emotions and fears, deeply melancholic depicting transparent sentiments and expressions. Ms. Shemily is a known writer, social activist and a female campaigner. She has numerous poems published in the well-known daily newspapers in English and articles in Malayalam. 

Dr. Shahnawaz Khan visited UK for International Scientific Research Collaboration

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Dr Shahnawaz Khan, Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Technology and Secretary General of Scientific Research Council, visited United Kingdom’s research and academic institutions and universities for strengthening the research collaborations during a weeklong trip from January 19-26, 2020. The visit was organised by the Higher Education Council Bahrain in cooperation with UK’s Scientific and Innovation Network, the British Council and the British Embassy.

Dr. Shahnawaz represented UCB to promote research that is aligned with Bahrain’s National Strategy and to have international research collaboration in the research field interests of UCB’s researchers.

Key components of the strategic research objectives were:

  1. Collaboration: formal research collaboration with global research networks.
  2. Benchmarking: Formal benchmarking with the global research centers for granting research funding, implementing research best practices, developing research infrastructure and research culture.
  3. Enhancement of the research infrastructure (such as laboratories, equipment, etc.) with effective resources to generate a supportive research environment.
  4. Funding and Grants: continuous external funding and research grants

UCB researchers are actively involved in variety of Research fields such as:

  • Islamic Finance & Banking
  • Islamic Social Finance (zakat, waqf)
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Financial Technology (fintech)
  • Cyber Security
  • Smart Cities
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing

UCB Graduate and Bahrain National Football Player - Mahdi Al Humaidan visited UCB

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UCB proudly welcomed Mr. Mahdi Al Humaidan, a UCB graduate and Bahrain National Football Team player at its campus in Saar on the 16th of February 2020. In honour of Bahrain’s victory at the 24th Arabian Gulf Cup, Mr. Al Humaidan was presented with MBA scholarship by the President of UCB, Dr. Salah Emara. During the visit he also met with a huge student fan base including students and lecturers who taught him during his time at UCB.


Guest Lecture: Introduction to choice theory and reality therapy

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UCB organized a guest lecture on an “Introduction to choice theory and reality therapy” for the students and faculty members on the 24th of February 2020. The lecture was conducted by Dr. Farida D’Silva Dias – Behavioural Consultant, Executive Coach and Psychotherapist. She is also a Senior Faculty Instructor of the William Glasser Institute, USA, and practitioner of Reality Therapy.

The lecture was inspirational, with students and faculty members benefiting from topics like inspiring quality in the classroom, lead management and management without coercion.



Students Camping Day

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UCB organized a camping day at Sakhir’s Breeze Camp for all its students on the 19th February 2020. The purpose of this camping event was to provide the students with some fun time apart from their usual days.

As an educational institution, UCB always makes sure that campus life of all students is well taken care off and to provide them with a unique extra curriculum experience.

Dr. Nandita Sen Gupta, Head of IT Program at the University College of Bahrain authored the book "Intrusion Detection - A Data Mining Approach"

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Dr. Nandita Sen Gupta, Head of IT Program at the University College of Bahrain authored the book "Intrusion Detection - A Data Mining Approach" published by Springer. The book is unique in terms of its content, organization, and writing style. Primarily intended for graduate electrical and computer engineering students, it is also useful for doctoral students pursuing research in intrusion detection and practitioners interested in network security and administration. The book also covers a wide range of applications, from general computer security to server, network, and cloud security.

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