UCB’s IT students visit Batelco

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University College of Bahrain's, Information Technology Department organized an industrial trip to Batelco. Initiated by Dr. Nandita Sengupta, Head of the of Information Technology, University College of Bahrain, organized the trip. The students were enlightened with latest technologies of telecommunications. The highlights of the trip were technical session with demonstration, explaining customer handling in call center, presentation from marketing, HR, visiting various operational offices of Batelco etc. The students were delighted with the information gained.


JIEBF's International Editorial Advisory Board Membership

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"Dr. Sutan Emir Hidayat, Head of Business Administration Department of UCB has been listed as one of the members of International Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Islamic Economics, Banking, and Finance (JIEBF). JIEBF is a SCOPUS indexed journal and one of the most reputable Journals within Islamic Economics and Finance Areas.


Along with Dr. Hidayat, there are 6 Islamic Development Bank's (IDB) Laureates listed in the Journal's International Editorial Advisory Board. In addition, many renowned Islamic Economic Scholars are also listed.

The University College of Bahrain’s Thirteenth Commencement

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The University College of Bahrain proudly held its 13th Commencement ceremony for its 2017 graduates, on Wednesday 1st November at the Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel. The ceremony was held under the Patronage of the Chairman and Founder,  Dr. Shaikh Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.

 Once again a very successful year culminated in 103 graduates comprised of 49 students from Business Administration, 37 from Communications and Multimedia, 9 from Information Technology and 8 MBA Postgraduate students.

 The ceremony featured a keynote address by UCB Executive Chairman, Dr. Shaikh Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, who congratulated the students on reaching this important milestone in their lives and reminded them that they are Ambassadors of UCB and their leaning should never stop, and by Professor Salah Emara, President, UCB, who congratulated the students on reaching this fundamental turning point in their academic development. “You should all be extremely proud of yourselves for achieving this important goal” said Professor Emara. This was followed by a speech by Mr. Yusuf Nabeel Ameen, Representative of Graduating Class Of 2017who thanked UCB for giving him the experience to face the challenges in the world. Another student Ms. Sara Nabeel Al Qassimi, Representative from Dr. Khalid Al Khalifa's Scholarship Program and mentioned how she benefitted by getting generous Scholarship throughout her study at UCB. She also expressed her deep gratitude to the Chairman, Dr. Shaikh Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa and all the staff at UCB for their continuous care and support.

 The Degrees were conferred to the graduates by the Executive Chairman. The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem and a reception.






Breast Cancer Awareness Day observed at UCB

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October is observed as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month across the globe. Every year in the spirit and the support of this event University College of Bahrain organizes Breast Cancer Awareness Day.


The Dress Code for the day was Pink and so was the theme. The highlights of the event were #Lightforhope, where students lighted pink candles in hope that no life is lost to this ghastly disease. There was also #leaveawish, a wall for leaving wishes, prayers and messages in memory of those who lost their lives to breast cancer, or who are still fighting it out. Some merchandise was also sold to raise money for charity by members of the student council like Pink flowers, themed cupcakes, breast cancer awareness ribbons.




UCB spreads smiles on World Smile Day

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What could be a better way to celebrate World Smile Day other than bringing a smile on children’s faces. UCB celebrated the World Smile Day by bringing a smile on the faces of children at Al Sanabel Orphan Care Society, Bahrain and on the faces of the student volunteers who participated in this. It was a day full of fun, smiles, laughter and games when UCB volunteers planned to spend the day with about 50 children at the Al Sanabel Orphan Care Society. Musical Chair, Face painting, pin the tail, straw catching games were the highlights of the day that kept all children interested. Each student was also treated with happy meals and lots of other things. There were gifts for all from UCB and many students contributed in bringing goodies, toys, gifts, juices and food for the children there. Winners of different games were also awarded. The cheerfulness on the faces of the orphans there brought a feeling of self-righteousness in all the volunteers.



UCB Celebrates International Day of Elderly Persons

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UCB celebrated International Day of Elderly Persons in a unique way by visiting the patients at the NBB Elderly Home in Isa Town. The idea behind the visit was to spend time with the elderly people who are living alone there. Both the patients and the student volunteers were delighted to spend time together. The elderly shared their stories with children, shared their experience. The students on the other hand listened to the patiently and showered them with love and attention. The most important thing for the elderly patients is the feeling that someone is there is listen to them and is giving them affection and time. The staff of the Elderly Home showed the students around the whole place like the physiotherapy room, the kitchen area and other facilities available for the patients. Both the patients and the volunteers had tears in their eyes on parting from each other. UCB also gifted two wheelchairs for the patients there.



Bahrain Bourse & BIBF Essential of Investment Seminar

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On 28th October 2017, Dr. Sutan Emir Hidayat, Head of Business Administration and Humanities Department along with 4 students of BBA program who are currently taking Investment Management (FIN 351) course (Fall 17-18 semester), attended a seminar held by Bahrain Bourse & BIBF on Essential Investment.

The seminar introduced to the students variety of financial securities traded in the international financial markets and particularly securities traded in the Bahrain Bourse. The students got a lot of information from the speaker who is also an investor in the international financial markets. Dr. Hidayat said by attending this seminar, the students can get better understanding of what we have discussed in the class. He thanked Bahrain Bourse & BIBF for the invitation.

World Faculty Day celebrated at UCB

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Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. October 7 is celebrated as World Teacher's Day, across the globe. The day celebrates the contributions that the Teachers make in the life of students. To mark this day, Student Volunteers along with members of the Student Council presented all teachers with an appreciation certificate along with a small token of appreciation. All faculty members were overwhelmed with this gesture and felt very emotional. The members also presented Dr. Khalid Al Khalifa Founder & Chairman of Board of Trustees with the appreciation certificate and shared their experiences with him.




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 The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations as an annual observance of global non-violence and ceasefire. Every year, people in all parts of the world honour peace in various ways on 21 September. As a part of the CSR commitments, University College of Bahrain (UCB) organized International Peace Day on September 24, at its campus. UCB’s constant endeavor is to promote Peace, and a small step towards this direction was celebration of this day at the campus.

As last year, the theme of the day was White, where the campus was decorated with white balloons and the dress code was white. The members of the student council presented white roses to the staff & faculty members. The students wrote messages on the occasion. 




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The beginning of the new semester at UCB is marked by the organization of the Orientation Day for all the new students. On September 20, 2017, University College of Bahrain (UCB) officially welcomed the new students to Fall 2017-18 Semester by organizing the Orientation Day, that was aimed to provide an opportunity for new students to familiarize themselves with the members of the academic and administrative bodies of the University, including other information which would help them during their stay & studies at UCB.

The students were welcomed by Prof Salah Emara, President UCB and Dr. Ugi Suharto, Vice President Academics where they congratulated the students on making the right choice. Dr. Rana Sawaya, Manager Admissions made a brief presentation about important information related to documentation and other aspects, followed by a presentation by Dr. Latika Chaudhary, Dean Student Affairs, about student life. Dr. Nandita Sen Gupta, Head of the IT Department apprised students about IT facilities & services available for students. All head of the departments were also introduced to the students.  





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