Academic Advising

The University recognizes that good student advising is integral to the quality of student learning and satisfactory student outcomes. Impartial student advising that focuses on students’ needs is available on an ongoing basis from the time of registration and throughout the study year. Students are encouraged to seek advice on an as needs basis and will be made to feel comfortable in seeking such advice.

Academic advising includes assistance with course selection, and basic pastoral advising, along with periodic reviews of a student’s progress toward their goals; and the provision of academic support should the student not be making adequate progress towards their qualification. Academic advisers are qualified and available to students and part of the advisor’s task is to inspire students to make the most of the opportunities offered by the University. Below is the list of advisors:





Dr. Abdullah Al-Hadrami



Dr. Muhammad Rizky

Islamic Finance


Dr. Manal Taqatqa


“What I have learned in my graduation years is being practiced now in day to day basis and of course the credit for all this goes to our highly qualified professors.”

Aysha Yousif Al Khalifa
Class of 2005