Message From The Head

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome and thank you for your interest in the Department of Business Administration at the University College of Bahrain. The UCB Business School offers you a wonderful opportunity to achieve your career goals, where "Students are the students of today and the leaders of tomorrow." Therefore, it is our obligation and duty to prepare you to be successful global leaders of private and government sectors.

The Business Administration Department at UCB offers you internships, co-operative experiences and full-time employment opportunities upon graduation. The Bachelors of Business Administration will prepare you to be successful in the career path you choose.

Our faculty members are very diverse; they will challenge you and advise you to open your minds to a broader way of thinking. Many of our faculty are well known across the world for their contribution to knowledge through their publications. In line with the University's mission and vision, the Business Administration Department seeks to provide the best quality of higher education in the field of business administration.


 Dr. Sutan Emir Hidayat 

Head of Business Administration Department

"Our family set up this business 5 years ago which birthed my interest in pursuing a degree in IT. The IT department and faculty of UCB has really helped in firming my base in this field and there are chances I might set up my own business in future”

Mohammed Hussain Aqeel
Class of 2011

Working in an IT-based family business