Undergraduate Program

The Undergraduate Business Administration program at UCB aims to provide students with strong basic business knowledge based on steeping in the Humanities, Social Science and Liberal Arts. In a world where businesses operate in a global setting, this type of education is an invaluable preparation for their success.

Graduates from UCB will be capable of making thoughtful choices that lead to productive lives and to responsible participation in society, and will develop needed skills that allow them to compete in today’s world, such as lifelong learning and managing change effectively and efficiently.

The program is consistent with UCB’s mission to “provide an internationally acceptable level of education” and make a significant contribution towards its achievement

"UCB provided me with the opportunity to experience studying abroad, without having to leave my homeland. I gained more self confidence, and learned the true meaning of being a team-player. UCB has been the perfect stepping stone for me to go on and do what I want to do in the future.”

Saud Al Yahya
Class of 2005

Working in Darfin Capital
as Vice President