Academic Advising

Academic Advising plays a major role in helping students to become familiar with the University Requirements, Department Requirements, Major Requirements, select and pursue a concentration, create a plan to graduation, and solve academic problems.

In support of UCB's regulations, all students majoring in (B.S.B.A.) are assigned to a faculty member as an advisor within the department. However; Business Administration department offers a number of Interdisciplinary Concentrations; hence, each advisor is assigned to his or her major concentration. Below is the list of advisors:

 1  Dr. Adel Abdul Rahman
 2  Prof. Sooraj Swami
 3  Dr. Abdulla Hadrami
 4  Mrs. Majdoleen Arekat
 5  Dr. Sutan Hidayat
 6  Mr. Imam Buchari

“What I have learned in my graduation years is being practiced now in day to day basis and of course the credit for all this goes to our highly qualified professors.”

Aysha Yousif Al Khalifa
Class of 2005