Honors Program

Class of 2012:

List of students with High Distinction for the year 2012 are as follows: 

Abdulrahman Nabeel Abdulrahman Al Mahmood, Islamic Finance
 Alaa Khaled Mohamed Hasan Al Hasan, Finance
 Bashayer Abdulaziz Yaqoob Moosa Al Sayed, Islamic Finance
 Dana Hamad Jasim Al Najjar, Islamic Finance
 Duha Yusuf Al Madani, Finance
 Ebtisam Bassam Mohammed Rabah, Islamic Finance
 Husain Abduljalil Ahmed Hasan Al Hulaibi, Islamic Finance
 Marwa Isa Qasim Mohamed Al Jawder, Accounting
 Mohamed Sameer Salman Mohsen Ali Alaradi, Accounting
 Sara Abdulrahim Mohamed Saleh Aamer, Islamic Finance
 Shaikha Adel Abdulrahman Al Doseri, Management
 Zaheer Zafar Rehmantali Saleem, Finance
 Zahra Mohamed Fadhul Mohamed Fadhul, Islamic Finance

List of students with Distinction for the year 2012 are as follows:
 Fatema Abdali Mohsen Rashed, Management
 Fatema Rashed Al Jar, Accounting
 Noora Fayhan Mohamed Al Fayhani, Finance
 Nourah Ali Al Bassam, Islamic Finance

Class of 2011
List of students with High Distinction for the year 2011 are as follows:
 Abdulhameed Sayed Darwish, Islamic Finance
 Abdulla Mohamed  Sayed Ahmed Rawan Bakhsh, Accounting
 Ali Ahmed Mohammed Husain Al Othman, Accounting
 Alya Mahmood Akbar, Management
 Awatef Mohamed Abdulrahman, Management
 Fatema Ebrahim Al Rasheed, Islamic Finance
 Fatema Fuad Isa Abdulla Al Wazzan, Accounting
 Mahmood Abdulhameed Mohammed, Accounting
 Mahmood Jawad Ahmed Al Shaibeh, Islamic Finance
 Mohamed Ahmed Abdulfatih Al Sherooqi, Management
 Noor Rajab Al Musawi, Marketing
 Sara Sameer Al Awadhi, Finance
 Zainab Kadhem Ahmed Kadhem Mohsen Ebrahim, Islamic Finance

List of students with Distinction for the year 2011 are as follows:
 Ahmed Abdulrazak Al Mahmoud, Islamic Finance
 Ahmed Hamed Kazim, Islamic Finance
 Majid Mohammed Al Dowayan, Engineering Management
 Mohammed Ali Abdulrahman Al Mahmeed, Finance
 Raed Naser Husain Redha Rafeei Maqsood, Management

“UCB is not only a university where you graduate with a degree , but also it’s a business coach that guides you on the right track transmitting skills and know-how’s of how to work and succeed in the business world. Smaller classes enhanced my learning where individual attention was possible. As well as being approachable, the faculty and staff at UCB always have student's interests in mind. In UCB it’s not only contacts that you make, it’s friendships that you build for a lifetime”

Salman Khalid Al-Khalifa
Class of 2005

Working in Palm Capital
as Operation Specialist