Department of Communication & Multimedia

UCB offers a contemporary approach to communication and multimedia for students interested in entering this fast moving, ever-expanding field. The Department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication & Multimedia at the undergraduate level specialising in, Public Relations, Graphic Design, and Multimedia. It is structured over a period of 4 years.

In Communication and Multimedia department  (CMM) we believe in active debates and discussions to articulate the function, value and purpose of the industry, as well as research, intellectual curiosity, discovery, interaction and the acquisition of skills to express and communicate through verbal and visual methods.

A unique environment stems from the nature of the field that is highly dependent on creativity, independently and teamwork projects.

The department houses class rooms, design studios for learning manual techniques, as well as computer labs equipped with the latest technologies.

At CMM, students are exposed to the professional world through guest speakers, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and field trips aimed to enhance their knowledge in both academic and professional aspects of the discipline.

Communication and Multimedia department empowers students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly altering field, which qualifies CMM alumni to work in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Gulf Region, and globally. Students can work efficiently and successfully in various fields such as Creative Industry, Media & Communication, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations sectors and other more.