Academic Advising

Students  studying in the Department of Media & Communication are assigned to a faculty member as an advisor at the department. Students will be under the supervision of a faculty member throughout his or her study period  until he or she graduates. A personal file and a  copy of student’s study plan will be kept with his or advisor for cross reference.

Below is the list of advisors for the department as follows:

Department of  Media & Communication





 Dr. Shawaludin Anis

Public Relations


 Ms. Lilian Hallak

Graphic Design


 Ms. Maliha Aqueel



 Ms. Sarah Gassoub

Graphic Design

“Part of what we’ve studied is needed on basic level at the workplace, however most of the work has to be practiced and learned. But subjects like Financial Statement Analysis, risk management and portfolio management have been very useful. Furthermore, our professors and doctors who enhanced our ability to research and develop corporate behavior adaptation played a big role”

Waleed Khalaf
Class of 2006
Working in Kuwait Finance
House as an Investment Analyst