The Graphic Design curriculum which started in 2004, as result of market demand in Bahrain and in the Gulf region, has now developed fully from strength to strength. The curriculum   is designed to provide skills and knowledge in dealing with the traditional and new media in design.  The course is covered over a period of four years and  involves hands-on projects of corporate designs, visual communication, printed publications, packaging, digital media, advertising, color studies and many more.  Students gain on-the-job experience through industrial internship and the final year exhibition project.

The Multimedia program on the other hand attempts to provide skills at fostering multimedia digital communication technologies. The curriculum is designed to provide students with media skills in various  non-computer and computer-based integrated software programs. Students will be given multimedia-production projects and an industrial attachment  in their  final year.  
“I had specialized in MIS while I was in UCB and I am now able to put my theoretical knowledge into practical experience in my work place. This proves that the IT department of UCB is industry- oriented and career-related.”

Hawra Madan
Class of 2010

Working in Allianz Takaful as Sales Development Officer