Message From The Head

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Communication and Multimedia (CMM).

The CMM Department objective is to offer unique and highly needed competencies in the emerging Public Relations, Graphic Design and Multimedia fields, and to helping students reach their highest potential.

The program is intended to prepare students in the common body of knowledge and skills necessary for graduates to be fully qualified and to move toward management and/ or leadership positions within the field, as well as being ready for advanced graduate study in international academic institutions.

We at the department encourage students to participate in various activities to enhance, support, and complement the student's personal and educational development through social, cultural, professional and intellectual activities that would complement their academic life.

 Our commitment is to promote personal development to enable students to live, learn and practice the leadership values that represent the mission of UCB.

 If you have not already done so, I encourage you to visit us, and meet the Communication and Multimedia Department faculty, students, and staff.

Good luck with your future, we hope that you will join our community!

Dr. Lilian Hallak

Acting Head, Communication and Multimedia Department