Academic Calendar for 2016-2017

Fall Semester 2016 - 2017

 Jul. 20  Summer-1 15-16 Holiday for Students & Faculty
 Sep. 12-15  Eid Al-Adha Holiday*
 Sep. 18  Return of Academic Staff
 Sep. 18 First day of classes
 Sep. 29 Last day for Drop and Add
 Oct. 02 Hijri New Year Holiday (1438 Hijri)*
 Oct. 10-11 Ashoura Holiday *
 Oct. 16-20 First Exam Period
 Nov. 13 Start of Advising & Registration for Spring 2016-2017
 Nov. 20-24 Second Exam Period
 Dec. 11 Prophet Mohammed Birthday Holiday *
 Dec. 16-19 National Day Holiday
 Jan 01 - 02 New Year's Day Holiday  (2017)
 Jan.05 Last day to drop a course with "W"
 Jan. 05 Last Day of classes
 Jan. 08-015 First Day of Final Examinations period
 Jan. 17 Last Day for faculty Submission of Final Grades
 Jan.16 -Jan.26 Fall Semester Holiday for Students


Spring Semester 2016 - 2017

 Jan.29 First day of classes
Feb.09 Last day for drop and add
Feb 26 -  Mar. 02 First Exams Period
 Mar. 19 Start of Advising & Registration for Summer Session (16-17)
 Apr. 02 - 06 Second Exams Period
 Apr. 02 Start of Advising & Registration for Fall 17-18
 May 01 Labor Day Holiday
 May 04 Last day to drop a course with "W"
May 04 Last Day of Classes
 May 07-14Final examinations period
 May 15 Spring Semester Holiday for Students
 May 16 Last Day for faculty submission of Final Grades


Summer-1 Session 2016 - 2017

 May 16 First day of classes.
 May 23       Last day for Drop and Add Period
 June 06-12 Mid Term Period
 June 25-27 Eid Al-Fitter Holiday *
 July 06 Last day to drop a course with "W"
 July 06 Last day of classes
 July 09-13 Final examinations period
 July 16 Last Day for faculty Submission of Final Grades
 July 16 Summer-1 Session Holiday for Students & Faculty


Fall Semester 2017-2018

 Sep. 14 Return of Academic Staff
 Sep. 17 First day of classes
 sep. 28Last day for Drop and Add Period

*Hijri Holidays depend on sighting of the moon

“The education and knowledge that I gained from UCB’s IT department helped me achieve a specialized Microsoft certificate. It is through the hard work that I put in and the dedication of the faculty that I have been able to reach this far in my career growth. I am highly satisfied and happy"

Ahmed Fareed Buqais
Class of 2009

Working Arcapita Bank as Infrastructure Engineer