University College of Bahrain is accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain. University College of Bahrain stands for the highest moral academic standards and aspires for international recognition of its programs that are designed to be part of the educational heritage of the world. University College of Bahrain admits students irrespective of their nationality, gender, color, disability or religion with no prejudice or discrimination of any kinds. The candidates are treated equally and the most qualified applicants will be selected to fill the available places.

All interested applicants must complete the University application for admission and include a non-refundable application fee of 50 BD. The Admission Unit at the Registrar’s Office will notify applicants of the decision of the Admissions Committee. Accepted students who fail to register during the scheduled registration periods(s) of the coming academic semester will lose their right for admission

A student whose registration has been cancelled because of temporary discontinuation of study or withdrawal from the University may submit an application to be re admitted as a new student if he/she is sufficiently qualified. In this case, the University President may upon recommendation of the concerned program and suggestion of the Registrar’s office , authorize the student to have his/her grades obtained prior to the cancellation of his/her registration as part of his /her record if the studied courses are part of the student’s new plan of study . Otherwise, courses previously studied shall not be recognized, and the student shall be treated as a freshman student.

 Admission Decision
The Admission Office will notify all applicants of their acceptance or rejection in writing. Those who were not selected may discuss alternatives available to them with the University’s Registrar.

“I had specialized in MIS while I was in UCB and I am now able to put my theoretical knowledge into practical experience in my work place. This proves that the IT department of UCB is industry- oriented and career-related.”

Hawra Madan
Class of 2010

Working in Allianz Takaful as Sales Development Officer