Procedures for Applying

There are three types of admission: Regular, Transfer, Visiting

1. Regular Admission
Candidate who have completed their secondary school and have their certificate can apply through the regular admission procedure. Applicants should submit the following documents:

Secondary School certificate from the Kingdom of Bahrain, or its equivalent and the English proficiency test.
Students must submit the equivalency to the Bahraini High School from the Ministry of Education, the application and all the required documents. Only completed applications will be reviewed.
2. Transfer Admission

Transfer applicants
Candidates transferring from institutions of higher education may be considered for  admission subject to the following criteria:

Applicants should be in a good academic standing not dismissed from the institution which they are transferring from.

1. Applicants, regardless of the outcome of the application process, may reclaim none of the documents mentioned above.
2. An application is valid only for the academic year for which a student has applied.
3. The name of the applicant will be recorded in University files as it appears on his/ her identity card or passport.
3. Admission for visiting students:
- A student enrolled at a recognized institution of Higher Education may apply to study at the University college of Bahrain as a visiting student for one more regular semester or summer session.

- Proof of status of the visiting applicant is required before decision is made.

- The visiting student must follow the regular semester or summer session maximum registration load.

- Visiting student will not be qualified for any degree from UCB

-Visiting students may apply to change his status to a regular student seeking a degree if he/she satisfies admission and transfer requirements. 

“Our family set up this business 5 years ago which birthed my interest in pursuing a degree in IT. The IT department and faculty of UCB has really helped in firming my base in this field and there are chances I might set up my own business in future”

Mohammed Hussain Aqeel
Class of 2011
Working in an IT-based family business