Events at UCB

The students have opportunities to visit a lot of places during their stay in Bahrain. The few famous options from these being Al Areen wild life sanctuary, Bahrain Financial Harbor, Tree of Life, Bahrain International circuit, Saudi causeway, Grand Mosque, oil museum to name a few. The university keeps organizing trips to these destinations.

A Day in the Life of an UCB-ian...
An academic week day begins at 9 a.m with teaching sessions extending up to 4 p.m. Internal assessment tests and quizzes are a part of daily routines. Most of the Lab related sessions mean to happen post- lunch and the Library is open from 8am – 8pm. For most programs, classes are being planned five days a week. Saturdays are usually reserved for special lectures by visiting faculty and for various other academic and extra-curricular activities. UCB does believe in the old philosophy that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” and that is the reason why UCB’s focus is on all-round development. The university organizes field trips for students, and seminars & workshops form an integral part of an UCBian’s life. Various sporting events are also organized for the students.
Some of the main annual events in UCB are:
1.     Annual Career day: It is only but an obvious reason as to why any person would want to do his/her higher education. The end result that needs to be satisfied in this dynamic world is to have a stable, well-settled job. By holding the Annual Career Day, this is where an institution like ours, the University College of Bahrain, has proved its worth.  Every year, UCB hosts establishments like KPMG, HSBC, Unisono, Standard Chartered Bank, Arab Insurance Group, Al Baraka Islamic Bank, etc. The whole aim of conducting this event is to bring about the process of campus recruitments.Students are also given a first hand insight on the workings and details of the participating organizations.
2.     Annual Carnival day: It’s a UCB tradition to have a carnival day every year. The carnivals are usually themed, the last being a ‘Motor Show’ Carnival. The event usually is abuzz with fun games, music, food stalls, mini bazaars and more. The highlight of the event is the raffle draw where dozens of prizes are up for grabs.
3.     Bahrain Marathon Relay: UCB’s students and faculty participate in the Annual Bahrain Marathon Relay every year. The race which starts and ends at the Bahrain International Circuit attracts more than 2,000 runners from all over the island, raising more than BD25, 000 for charity. UCB has always made its mark among other universities and educational institutions in this event, thus proving that our students have got both brains and brawns.
4.     Think Pink Campaign: As part of our community service policy, UCB students organize the Breast cancer awareness campaign annually. Bake sales, football matches, bazaars, etc are some ways though which students raise funds. The proceeds then go to Think Pink Bahrain.
5.     Sports tournaments: UCB students take part in sports tournaments held in and off campus. Games like bowling, karting, etc. have been conducted where students compete among each other. There are various other sporting tournaments that are being held in Bahrain. Our students represent UCB in such events and have brought back laurels to the university.
6.     Festivals: UCB students don’t skip a beat when it comes to celebrating festivals. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, Eid, Bahrain National Day, Christmas, are a few of the many days that are observed in UCB.
7.     National and international field trips: Class trips in and outside Bahrain is organized by and for the students. Some faculty takes their students to various places in Bahrain that pertain to their subject of study. Trips to the National Museum, Bahrain Radio & Television, Bahrain Investors centre, etc are some of the places where our students have been to. In addition to this, international trips have also been organized. The Graphic Design department have yearly trips to countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, India, etc where the students get a first-hand experience on understand the art and culture in such places. All-girls’ trips have also been conducted to Malaysia, India and Turkey.
 The latest event news and updates can also be found on our Facebook page, UCB.