Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department supports the academic vision of UCB by enhancing student life on campus through various events and opportunities. With this department as an overseer, UCB Student Council is formed to ensure the students are actively involved with clubs, societies, special events like Carnival day, Career day, Marathon Relay, etc., international field trips and the list can go on.
Mission Statement
The office of Student Affairs at University College of Bahrain exists to integrate into the mission of the University, by providing opportunities to students that enrich and broaden their education experience. Our commitment is to promote personal development and psychological well-being to students through social, physical, cultural, professional and intellectual activities that would complement their academic life. This holistic approach aims at enabling the students to live, learn and practice the values of tolerance, civic and moral responsibility, inclusiveness and excellence in learning and leadership, values that represent the mission of UCB.
The Office of Student Affairs oversees student activities (clubs, societies, special events, and publications), athletics and recreation, career and placement services, and international student services. Through this Office activities and services are provided to enhance, support, and complement the student's personal and educational development.
Athletics and Recreation
The University offers a wide range of sports and athletics, and recreational programs through its Office of Student Affairs. Such sports and athletics are often organized for students to compete among themselves. This is while, UCB is usually among the first to sign-up with a team for external competitions among other local Universities and educational institutions. Such events take place throughout the year to ensure continuous opportunity for the students to compete and be a part of University spirit.
Clubs and Societies
Opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities, generally organized under the view of the Office of Student Affairs are numerous. Clubs hold events, lectures, debates, and publications relevant to an academic major or program, as well as provide opportunities to meet with others to pursue common recreational, social, or cultural interests.