UCB Facilities

Class rooms
UCB lecture rooms are relatively adequate in size and are equipped with highly advanced instruction and presentation technology which allows for a focused instructor/student interaction and hence, a focused overall learning process. The campus houses 22 air-conditioned classrooms with a seating capacity of 20-30 each. The classrooms are designed in a manner that makes students feel comfortable enough to actively participate during lecture sessions. Teachers have enough space to maintain eye contacts with each and every student, which in turn, enriches the teaching-learning process. Each class room is equipped with ultra modern facilities of projectors and there are provisions for audio-visual aids such as LCD, multimedia, videos and audios.

Computer Labs
UCB has a state-of-the-art Wi-fi campus, which facilitates students to access global information wherever they are. The campus also has 4 computer labs accessible to students during and after their class schedules with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum supported by laser printers, scanners & other peripheral devices. 2 of these computer labs are specially designed for the Graphic Design department and have iMac G5 computers that make learning professional as well as being “fun” for the students. The other computer labs are equipped with top of the line Dell computersw ith high speed connection to the internet. The UCB IT team continuously works to maintain the network and the Dell workstations in order to provide students with reliable access to information and applications. Enterprising students get to do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations.

The UCB Library is a modern, fast-growing library that is an integral part the educational process of the University College Bahrain. The aim is to develop and deliver innovative, client-focused library services that support and enhance UCB’s teaching programs. Its priority is to easily and comfortably offer access to its collections (printed & electronic) mainly in the areas of Business and Computer Science to the University’s community. Building a rich collection of volumes and multimedia items is a priority so new books are ordered regularly, based on the recommendations of the teaching and library staff. Moreover the library is subscribed to online databases and e-sources. Infrastructure.

Graphic Design Studios
The graphic design curriculum demands that students become professionals in both manual and electronic techniques. Therefore, the department has 2 studios fully equipped with 15 drawing boards, a computer and a data show for the manual drawing and execution of projects. These studios are used primarily for courses taught at the freshman and sophomore levels like foundation studio, drawing, illustration and color fundamentals. The rest of the studio courses are taught electronically in our adjacent computer labs. Similarly each of the spacious computer labs are equipped with 15 iMac G5 stations, scanners, big screen data show and a color laser printer. In these labs all the creative ideas are discussed, brain storming, web surfing, and discussions take place. Extended hours of computer work with feedback from all the graphic design faculty and sometimes external guests, in addition to the “crits” and presentations also take place in this unique environment that promotes interaction, communication, and creativity.

UCB has two auditoriums that are fully equipped with wi-fi, quality sound system, wireless LCD projector and a podium. Each auditorium has a seating capacity of approximately 100 and is mainly used for large classes, guest lectures and presentations in general.

UCB has special transportation facilities from Saudi Arabia to the campus and vice versa available everyday for commuting students. The parents are much relieved because of this service as it ensures that their children are reaching the campus and back homes safe and sound.

UCB provides a cafeteria for students to hang out, eat, and enjoy a relaxed environment outside of class. The cafeteria authority ensures high quality food at subsidized rates. The cafeteria is open from 8am till 4pm.

Coffee Shop
The campus also boasts of having a coffee shop for its students. They are treated to an ambiance that is comfortable, friendly and relaxing.

Learning Resource Center
The UCB Learning Resource Center is truly an asset in the future that will provide significant benefits for students, faculty and the wider community. The mission of the UCB Learning Resource Centre is to support teaching, learning and research in UCB’s intellectual discovery and education experiences.

The UCB Learning Resource Centre is a gateway to a wide range of online information resources through public access computers with fast internet connection and commonly used softwares that can help in research and studies. The UCB Learning Resource Center provides modern infrastructure and equipment for students to conduct discussions, presentations, etc