UCB Student Council

University College of Bahrain established its first student council in the Fall semester 2011. The council is a 7-member entity consisting of the following:

a.    Council Chairperson
b.    Council Vice-Chairperson
c.    Treasurer
d.    Head of Academic Affairs
e.    Head of Sports Activities
f.     Head of Student Activities
g.    Head of PR & Media

To support the UCB Student Body’s academic, cultural and social activities and also be a link with the Management and other working committees of UCB.
a.     Providing support to student’s academic, cultural, social, and sport activities.
b.     Promoting a culture of cooperation and team work.
c.     Following up with student related issues and working with UCB administration towards solving them.
d.     Enhancing awareness among student population concerning their rights and duties.
e.     Promoting democratic practices among students and encouraging dialogue as well as mutual respect as a way of life.
f.     Developing students’ integrated personalities and enhancing their sense of belonging to the University and their     community at large.
g.     Providing opportunities of positive interaction among students and with University various constituents.
h.     Providing academic, social, and personal assistance.