Electronic Resources

UCB library subscribers to electronic resources (electronic database, electronic books, electronic journals) on a annual basis. For the year 2009/2012 UCB library has a subscription to a business research database and electronic database with thousands of of full text articles from peer-reviewed business and communication journals.

The UCB Library is subscribed to the following online databases and e-sources

ABI/Inform Global-Business Database from ProQuest

If you need to access the ProQuest database from outside UCB campus kindly contact the librarian

Free E-Sources


Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web

Internet public library



Directory of Open Access Journals

Internet Public Library/ Newspapers & Magazines


e-Books & e-Documents

Digital Book Index

The Online Books

Contemporary Issues and Development in Islamic Finance: Thoughts of an Indonesian 

Diaspora in Bahrain by Dr. Sutan Emir Hidayat

Digital Archives

Internet Archive

Open Content Alliance

Library of Congress/ Digital Collections



One Look



Bahrain yellow pages

Business - Islamic Finance

European Journal of Islamic Finance

Journal of Islamic Finance

Journal of Islamic Banking and finance

IFIS - Islamic Finance Information Service

Business Journals

International journal of management and business research

International journal of business and management

Journal of international business studies

International journal of business administration

African Journal of Business Management

Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management

Journal of Management Strategy

Journal of Management Studies

Journal of Management and Marketing Research

International Journal of Management


International Journal of Marketing Studies

Journal of Business Market Management

Journal of Marketing Analytics

Journal of Marketing Management

Journal of Accounting and Marketing Finance

International Journal of Financial Studies — Open Access Journal

International Journal of Economics and Finance

Journal of Financial Economics Open Access Articles

Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting


Journal of Accounting and Marketing

Journal of Finance and Accounting

The International Journal of Digital Accounting Research

Journal of Accounting and Economics


International Journal of Finance

Journal of international money and finance

Journal of Financial Economics Open Access Articles

Graphic design

Graphic Design Open Access Articles

International Journal of Design

Journal of Design History

Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design

Oxford Art Journals

International Association For Media And Communication Research


Computer & IT Sources

Computer Science Open Access Journals (224 journals)

Open Access Journals in Computer Science and Engineering

IAENG International Journals of Computer Science 

Information Technologies and Learning Tools

Information Technology and Control

International Journal of Computer Networks and Communications – IJCNC

International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology – IJCSIT

International Journal of Managing Information Technology -IJMIT

International Journal of Mathematics and Soft Computing

International Journal of Networking and Computing

Journal of Computer Technology and Applications

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research – JAIR

Journal of Technology Education


Media and Communication

Canadian Journal of Communication

Communications in Information Literacy

Cross-cultural Communication

International Journal of Communication (IJoC)

Advances in Multimedia – An open access journal

International journal of multimedia

Journal of multimedia and its applications

Media and Communication- Open access journal

Journal of media and communication studies