Research Policy At UCB

Research and knowledge exchange activities are core elements of making a University as a learning organization. The University faculty have to upgrade their knowledge continuously as the technology, innovations and new paradigms are changing fast in the present knowledge society. They are required to provide students with the current developments in their domain area rather than teaching age-old practices. The University's policies on research and knowledge sharing sets out the measures to encourage appropriate behaviors in order to achieve the strategic aims whilst the research strategy sets out the direction that the University wishes to go. 

The Economic Vision 2030 for Bahrain emphasizes the need to “encourage research and development in universities to create the platform for a knowledge-based economy.” The Research Strategy of the Higher Education Council, Kingdom of Bahrain rightly recognizes that the research is critical to provide solutions to Bahrain’s specific needs -- local and regional problems for which ready solutions often are not available. These include unique local industrial or business problems, as well as health, environment, economic, social and sustainability needs. HEC also has identified some weaknesses of research in Bahrain such as lack of proper Collaboration, linkages to global networks, data, strategic direction and modest Research funding. 

The University College of Bahrain, taking the Economic Vision 2030 and the HEC Research Strategy into consideration, developed a research policy to address the needs of the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as to fulfil its academic and social responsibilities.

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“I had specialized in MIS while I was in UCB and I am now able to put my theoretical knowledge into practical experience in my work place. This proves that the IT department of UCB is industry- oriented and career-related.”

Hawra Madan
Class of 2010

Working in Allianz Takaful as Sales Development Officer