Research Policy At UCB

UCB considers it a duty and an obligation that faculty members and senior students perform research activities aiming at serving the Bahraini community. Research work is seen as an integral component of the professional and career development plans for the UCB community.

To fulfill its mission, UCB is committed to cause of seeking new knowledge in all fields of interest to the institution as well as the individual faculty members. UCB encourages it faculty members and students to pursue further knowledge through available means. Research and any creative work is welcome by the UCB administration and appropriate resources will be allocated to support creative initiatives and activities.

UCB encourages academic freedom and seeks to motivate its faculty members to explore any idea which leads to the UCB mission. UCB gives priority to pedagogical and institutional research projects which can benefit the university and the local community as well. Faculty members are advised to work in small teams and to involve their senior students in their research efforts.

UCB would like to see the impact of faculty members’ research reflected on their students and the community at large. Practical and applied research topics in relation to the UCB academic programs are largely encouraged.

MBA graduate thesis work and senior undergraduate projects should be utilized for research purposes. Students’ research should be linked to problem area in the Bahraini and GCC contexts as far as possible.

UCB sees itself as a teaching institution with a research focus. Research activities of faculty members as well as students will be rewarded in may forms. Distinguished researchers will be given chances to attend and present their works in local, regional and international conferences and seminars. UCB will support the publication of books, monographs, and other scholarly work. Financial rewards will be considered in recognition of excellent researchers as well.

UCB also supports academic staff in pursuing postgraduate courses leading to masters and PhD degrees. On the other hand, academic staff members are encouraged to integrate research skills in their course outlines and intended learning outcomes. Academic research is also linked to the promotion criteria for academic staff.

“I had specialized in MIS while I was in UCB and I am now able to put my theoretical knowledge into practical experience in my work place. This proves that the IT department of UCB is industry- oriented and career-related.”

Hawra Madan
Class of 2010

Working in Allianz Takaful as Sales Development Officer