Academic Research Unit

Research Policy
This policy establishes the framework for the development and implementation of research policy at University College of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain, within which academic staff members carry out their required research obligations, and in which students can engage and be supported in their research.

Organisational Scope
This is a University wide policy. The University seeks to promote and promulgate good research practice, emphasising integrity and rigour in research, and to create a culture in which the following general can be observed.

For purposes of this policy, unless otherwise stated, the following definitions and abbreviations shall apply:

a. Research
Research is defined as 'a systematic investigation designed to develop and contribute to generalizable knowledge'.

a. Academic Staff Members
For the purposes of this policy ‘academic staff member’ includes staff who have a contractual obligation to carry out teaching and research and does not include staff whose obligations are limited to administration or teaching on a part time basis.

a. SRU: Studies and Research Unit
b. HEC: Higher Education Council
c. UCB: University College of Bahrain
d. ARC: Academic Research Committe
Policy Content and Guidelines

Requirement to Undertake Research

a. All academic staff members have the right and are required to conduct research and engage in support and to publish their findings.
b. All academic staff members have the right to and should, where appropriate, seek research funds in support of their research.
c. The requirement to undertake research is a career expectation and over time will be balanced as appropriate with the other obligations of academic staff including significant administrative responsibilities.
d. Heads of Departments should familiarize newly appointed Academic staff members with policies and procedures regarding their roles and duties.
Research Management
Advice and policy in research matters is coordinated through a number of bodies and committee, including the following:

a. The SRU is the University’s research management body. It advises the Academic staff members on research strategies to be pursued, develops policy and reviews progress in these areas.
b. The University established ARC to support the research activities of academic staff and students.
c. The University allocate a minimum of 3% annually towards research budget in line with the HEC regulations, Ministry of education, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Resources in Support of Research
a. The SRU supports research that is aligned with University mission and strategic priorities. The general principle governing the allocation of all research funding in the University is that it should be seen as an investment that will maximise the range of outcomes that the University expects to result from faculty/ staff member and students.
b. The SRU provides the applications for financial and administrative support for whom have completed at least one semester at UCB.
c. All academic staff members are eligible to apply for research support.
Research Planning
Each Department is required to develop and implement its own research plan in coordination with the SRU.

Evaluation and Monitoring of Performance
a. The Director of SRU should guide departments in the light of UCB mission and advice the University College Council on the research progress.
b. The research performance of academic staff member is monitored and evaluated as part of the staff development process.
c. Academic staff members are required to supply full and accurate details of their research outputs on an annual basis to their Head of Departments who will forward the information to the Director of SRU.
MBA Students Research
UCB considers graduate students (MBA) as a vital part of the University research activities.
Statutory and Ethics Obligations
Academic staff members are required to carry out their research in compliance with all statutory ethical and contractual obligations.

Publication and Intellectual Property
a. UCB is committed to support its academic members in publishing their research in appropriate venues such as Journal, Monographs, Projects, Reports, Conference Proceedings, and Working Papers.
b. Academic staff members and UCB are required to observe any contractual, confidentiality or privacy obligations entered into in respect of the research need to ensure protection of any intellectual property arising out of the research.
c. Academic Staff Members should observe UCB policies regarding Intellectual Property Policy.
SRU Mission
a. The University College established in 2010 the SRU with the aim of raising the research capability of its faculty and students in support of the University overall mission as a provider of Quality Higher Education in Bahrain.
b. The SRU has the following specification:
i Consistent with the strategic interests of the University
ii Central to university research strategy
Contact Person Director of SRU, Prof. Salah Emara.
a. Researchers should be honest in respect of their own actions in research and in their responses to the actions of other researchers. This applies to the whole range of research work, including field study design, generating and analysing data, applying for funding, publishing results. They are accepted to acknowledge the direct and indirect contribution of colleagues, research students, collaborations and others.
b. All researchers must refrain from plagiarism, deception or the fabrication or falsification of results or other forms of research misconduct.
c. Researchers are encouraged to report cases of suspected misconduct and to do so in a responsible and appropriate manner.
The Studies and Research Unit will publish an annual list of academic staff members’ publications and research activities.

Questions on the interpretation of this policy may be directed to the Director of Studies and Research Unit.

Research proposals should be presented to ARC for approval.