The Management at University College of Bahrain play an important part in the running of the University and providing perspective and guidance to the management. The current Management Members are: 

Dr. Rasha Samir Mohammed

Acting President


Dr. Abdullah Al-Hadrami

Dean - Department of Business Administration

Dr. Abdullah Al-Hadrami is working currently as An Associate Professor of Accounting at the University College of Bahrain (UCB). Dr. Abdullah obtained his Ph.D. in Accounting from Coventry University (UK) in 2012.  He has more than 20 years of experience in teaching accounting subjects. Dr.Abdullah currently is the Head of the Business Administration Department. Dr. Abdullah has published several papers in peer-reviewed international journals. His research interest is on the Accounting Education, Corporate Governance, and Financial Accounting

Dr. Nandita Sengupta

Dean - Department of Information Technology

Dr. Shema Bukhari

Dean - Department of Communication and Multimedia

Dr Shema Bukhari is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at University College of Bahrain. She has got her PhD from Girne American University (North Cyprus) in 2016. She has an extensive 20 years of teaching experience. In her current position, she is involved in University improvement plan, advising, curriculum development and quality assurance. Her research interest lies in communication, New Media Studies and inter-disciplinary studies.

Mr. Webster Gauhar

Director - Finance & Administration

Mr. Webster Gauhar is holding the position of Director of Finance and Administration at University College of Bahrain with the responsibilities of managing administrative and finance functions. He is working with the President, Vice President and Executive Directors to identify, develop and implement operational business plan, monitor key matrics, and assist in the decision making of various departments throughout the University 

Mr. Gauhar holds a Master of Science in Accounting and Finance Management and MBA in International Business from Nottingham Trent University. 

Sh. Ali Al Khalifa

Executive Director - Planning & Development

Sh. Ali Al Khalifa is holding the position of Executive Director - Planning and Development at University College of Bahrain. He is responsible for the planning, organizing, implementing of strategies to meet the goals and objectives in the area of development and enhancement of the University. 

 Sh. Ali Al Khalifa holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from Marymount University-USA. 

Dr. Rana Sawaya Zeitounie


Dr. Rana role is to lead and oversee the office of Admission and Registration . She coordinates with Senior management and Head of Programs to identify enrollment goals and leads enrollment management initiatives to achieve those goals.

Dr. Rana holds a Doctorate Degree of Business Administration from Jean Moulin Lyon III University in France (2017), a Master Degree in Business Administration from the Lebanese American University, Lebanon (2003) and a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration from the University of Balamand, Lebanon (1998).