Islamic Finance

B.Sc in Business Administration (Islamic Finance Concentration) at UCB is one of the earliest bachelor degree program in Islamic finance taught in the Kingdom of Bahrain and in the GCC region. We are also proud that our B.Sc in Business Administration (Islamic Finance) is the only Islamic finance program in the GCC region to be recognized as AAOIFI Affiliated University. The B.Sc in Business Administration (Islamic Finance Concentration) is designed to provide students with strong knowledge and understanding in Islamic economics, banking, and finance, Islamic commercial law (fiqh muammalat), Islamic insurance (takaful), and the higher objectives of shariah (maqasid al-shariah).  The courses offered in this program are also imbued with Islamic values and ethics to produce ethical Islamic finance professionals in the growing Islamic financial services industry.

Graduates of B.Sc in Business Administration (Finance Concentration) have a broad career prospects in various Islamic banking and financial services industry, ranging from Islamic banking institutions, shariah-compliant corporations, Islamic investment firms, takaful companies,  Islamic research institutes, shariah audit firms, zakat & awqaf institutions, central bank, and Islamic fintech firms. The graduates from this programme could work as Islamic financial analyst, Islamic bankers, Islamic economist, Islamic asset managers, shariah-audit officers, takaful officers, and researchers. Moreover, the B.Sc in Business Administration (Islamic Finance Concentration) taught here embedded employability skills in critical thinking, presentation, interpersonal, and communication skills across all courses.

B.Sc in Business Administration (Islamic Finance Concentration) also prepares you for taking professional Islamic finance qualifications such as certified Islamic professional accountant (CIPA) and certified shariah adviser and auditor (CSAA). 

Concentration requirements

This degree requires 122 credit hours. 

 University Requirements (Compulsory) 9 Courses (26 Cr)

ARA101         Arabic                     

CSC101          Computing Essentials                     

ENG101         English I                     

ENG102         English II                     

MAT101        Calculus I                     

SBS155          Human Rights                     

ENG201         English III : Technical Writing                     

WCS201         Cultural Studies I                     

SBS206          Bahrain Modern History                     


University Requirements (Elective) Select 2 Courses (6 Cr)

ENG220         Themes in Literature                     

GRD130         Painting                     

LIT203          Studies in American Literature                     

PHL202         Business Ethics

PHL203         Critical Thinking Skills                     

POS101          Intro. to Political Science                     

PSY201          Introduction to Psychology                     

SBS201          General Sociology                     

SBS203          Human Development                     

SBS205          Communication Skills

WCS301         Cultural Studies II                     

WMN201       Women Studies                     


Program Requirements (Compulsory) 15 Courses (45 Cr)


ACT101         Financial Accounting 1                     


BUS301         Entrepreneurship                     


MGT101        Principles of Management                     


ACT201         Managerial Accounting                     


ECO201         Microeconomics                     

ECO202         Macroeconomics                     

FIN201          Principles of Finance                     

MKT201        Principles of Marketing                     

STS201          Probability And Statistics I                     

BUS205         Business Law                     

BUS315         Internship/Practicum                     

BUS350         Business Communications                     

CIT311          Management Information Systems                     

MGT301        Organization and Management                     

MGT490        Business Policy & Strategy                     


Program Requirements (Elective) Select 4 Courses (12 Cr)

BUS251         Internet Technology                     

BUS310         Managerial Economics                     

BUS325         New Venture Creation                     

BUS435         Family Entrepreneurship Management                     

CIT231          Cloud Computing                     

CIT262          Multimedia Systems                     

FIN385          Financial Planning and Control                     

MAT102        Calculus II                     

MGT385        Tourism & Hospitality Management                     

STS202          Probability And Statistics II                     


Concentration Requirements (Compulsory)  7 courses (21Cr)


ACT102         Financial Accounting II                     


IBF301           Islamic Economics                     


IBF303           Theory of Islamic Banking & Finance                     


IBF305           Islamic Commercial Jurisprudence (Figh Mu'amalat)                     


IBF306           Islamic Financial Systems                     


IBF309           Accounting for Islamic Banks                     

IBF311           Takaful (Islamic Insurance) Practice                     



Concentration Requirements (Elective) Select 2 Courses (6Cr)

FIN301          Financial Statement Analysis                     

FIN305          Commercial Banking                     

FIN338          Engineering Finance                     

FIN351          Investment Management                     

FIN355          Financial Markets & Institutions                     

FIN365          International Finance                     

FIN370          Portfolio Theory & Management                     

FIN375          Risk Management                     


Free Electives (Elective) Select 2 Courses (6 Cr)