Electronic Resources

UCB Library users can access  academic books, journals, periodicals, and articles, etc. of all subjects through the ProQuest Library which subscribes to the library each year.

Follow the steps below to have to access the database: 

  1. Go to: ProQuest Ebook Central, ProQuest One Business
  2. kindly refer to the librarian to provide your login ID & Password
  3. Click on Login
  4. Type the keyword in the search box and click on search.

Databases and Journals:


OMICS International-Journals 

Directory of Open Access Journals 

Database for humanities and CMM 

Open Culture- Cultural and Educational Media 

Online Library and Publication Platform 

Case Studies and Whitepapers etc. 

Public Digital Library

FULL PDF Search Engine

Scientific Research Publishing 

Cambridge Open Access

Education Resource Information





Open Access Theses:

EThOS - UK Dissertations/Theses


Queens University, Canada

e-Books & e-Documents:

Digital Book Index

Directory of Open Access Books 

The Online Books

Open Research Library 

PDF Drive 

Free books.

Open Knowledge Repository of World Bank Group

Oxford University Press Open Book Collection

The Open Textbook Library 

Planet eBook

Digital Archives:

Internet Archive

Library of Congress/ Digital Collections


One Look

Macmillan Dictionary

The Free Dictionary 

Encyclopedia :

Encyclopedia Britannica 


Accounting Journals:

Journal of Finance and Accounting

The International Journal of Digital Accounting Research

Journal of Accounting and Economics

Computer Science Journals:

Peerj Computer Science

IAENG International Journals of Computer Science 

International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology – IJCSIT

International Journal of Managing Information Technology -IJMIT

Journal of Technology Education

OMICS-Computer Science Journals 

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research  

Open Computer Science

American Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Survey


International Journal of Finance

Journal of international money and finance

Journal of Financial Economics Open Access Articles

Graphic design:

International Journal of Design

Journal of Graphic Engineering and Design

Multimedia Tools and Applications: An International Journal

Islamic Finance:

European Journal of Islamic Finance

Journal of Islamic Finance

Journal of Islamic Banking and finance

Management Journals:

International journal of business and management

Journal of international business studies

International journal of business administration

Journal of Management Strategy

Journal of Management Studies

Journal of Management and Marketing Research

OMICS Business- Management Journals 

Open Journal of Business and Management 


International Journal of Marketing Studies

Journal of Marketing Management

International Journal of Financial Studies — Open Access Journal

Journal of Financial Economics Open Access Articles

Asian Journal of Finance & Accounting

European Journal of Marketing 

Media and Communication:

International Journal of Communication (IJoC)

Advances in Multimedia – An open access journal

International Journal of multimedia and its applications