Scientific Research Council aims to develop sustainable and best practices in research and a healthy research culture. A high quality and high ethical standard research require the right environment that encourages and makes the research flourish.

University College of Bahrain (UCB) has established Academic Research Committee, Studies and Research Unit (SRU) in the year 2010. The overall aim of SRU was to promote research facilities within the University. In the year 2018, Scientific Research Council (SRC) has been established to supersede SRU. University's policies on research and knowledge sharing sets out the measures to encourage appropriate behaviors in order to achieve the strategic aims whilst the research strategy sets out the direction that the University wishes to go.

In words of Neil Armstrong - "Research is creating new knowledge." Research is defined as “a systematic investigation designed to develop and contribute to generalizable knowledge”. We, at UCB, believe in innovations and promote research, learn and innovate culture. The University seeks to promote ad promulgate good research practice, emphasizing integrity and rigor in research. SRC strives to create a culture of research and innovation with impact, within a dynamic, expansive and collaborative culture.

SRC thrives to improve and develop an environment for research capacity building of the faculties and students to upgrade their knowledge continuously as the technology, innovations and new paradigms are changing fast in the present knowledge society. SRC is working on several research related initiatives aiming to guide the research at the University College of Bahrain in order to improve its research identity nationally and internationally.


Dr. Muhammad Rizky

Secretary General, Scientific Research Council