In line with its vision, UCB aims to provide a versatile university experience that prepare students not just academically but also to build active, principled and socially responsible leaders of tomorrow. 

University life for each student involves opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, field trips, workshops, social, cultural and community engagement events organised by the Student Affairs Office in collaboration with the Student Council and the academic departments.

Our Vision

Our commitment is to promote personal development and psychological well-being among students through social, physical, cultural, professional, and intellectual activities that would complement their academic life.

This holistic approach aims to enable the students to live, learn and practice the values of moral responsibility, inclusiveness and excellence in learning and leadership, values that represent the mission of UCB.

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Office supports the academic vision of UCB by enhancing student life through various events and opportunities enriching and broadening a student’s experience beyond the classroom to become responsible and effective leaders. The office aims to provide a smooth transition for students from high school to university life with guidance and support starting firstly with an Orientation Day showcasing the various departments and culture at UCB.

We encourage our students to participate in athletics as well as to getting involved in social and cultural activities, and community engagement events like awareness days, fundraisers, marathon relays and guest lectures etc. both on and off-campus. These events are specifically organised to encourage our students to engage with the local community through active participation and voluntary work.

UCB Student Council

The Student Council overseen by the Student Affairs office, effectively assists in developing academic, cultural, and social activities. It also actively collaborates with UCB’s working committees providing a robust connection between the students and the management at UCB. The role of these dedicated individuals is to serve as student representation in university governance, ensuring students that opinions/suggestions are heard and amplified appropriately.

The Council commits to:

  • Providing support to student’s academic, cultural, social, and sport activities.
  • Promoting a culture of cooperation and teamwork.
  • Following up with student related issues and working with UCB administration towards  solving them.
  • Enhancing awareness among student population concerning their rights and duties.
  • Promoting democratic practices among students and encouraging dialogue as well as mutual respect as a way of life.
  • Developing students’ integrated personalities and enhancing their sense of belonging to the University and the community at large.
  • Providing academic, social, and personal assistance.

Our current Student Council members

Council President

Mohamed Majeed Shaji

Council Vice-President

Madiha Azim


Ebrahim Irfan

Head of Sports Affairs

Saad Fahad Al Subaie

Head of Student Events & Activities

Dareen Arar

Head of PR & Media

Kaltham Khalil Ali