Student Affairs

The Student Affairs and Alumni Office supports the academic vision of UCB by enhancing students’ life through various events and opportunities enriching and broadening students’ experience beyond the classroom to become responsible and effective leaders. The Student Affairs and Alumni Office at UCB boosts the quality of campus life for students and facilitates personal and professional development through a wide range of extra-curricular activities.  

 Services include:

 1. Student Support

Student Affairs and Alumni Office offers a continuous student support by organizing and taking part in national and international celebrations, social clubs, sports events, competitions, and workshops. The office also oversees the student council elections and student activities.

2. Internship and Employability  

 A growing body of evidence shows a positive relationship between internship participation during tertiary education and favorable labor market outcomes after graduation. Graduates indicate future labor market success to be the prime motivation to participate in internships. Therefore, Student Affairs and Alumni Office assists our students in internship management, provides career guidance workshops and events such as Career Day Event. 

3. Counselling  

 Student Affairs and Alumni Office offers student counselling services for Social and Behavioral conduct that help students to enhance their ability to cope with difficulties in studies as well as ensures that students with special needs are provided the necessary supporting during their course of study. 

4. Alumni  

 Dedicated Student Affairs and Alumni Team maintains a close bond with alumni by engaging them in university academic and social activities as well as providing services to alumni for professional development.


UCB Student Council

The Student Council overseen by the Student Affairs office, effectively assists in developing academic, cultural, and social activities. It also actively collaborates with UCB’s working committees providing a robust connection between the students and the management at UCB. The role of these dedicated individuals is to serve as student representation in university governance, ensuring students that opinions/suggestions are heard and amplified appropriately.

The Council commits to:

  • Providing support to student’s academic, cultural, social, and sport activities.
  • Promoting a culture of cooperation and teamwork.
  • Following up with student related issues and working with UCB administration towards  solving them.
  • Enhancing awareness among student population concerning their rights and duties.
  • Promoting democratic practices among students and encouraging dialogue as well as mutual respect as a way of life.
  • Developing students’ integrated personalities and enhancing their sense of belonging to the University and the community at large.
  • Providing academic, social, and personal assistance.


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We encourage our students to participate in athletics as well as to getting involved in social and cultural activities, and community engagement events like awareness days, fundraisers, marathon relays and guest lectures etc. both on and off-campus. These events are specifically organised to encourage our students to engage with the local community through active participation and voluntary work.